More About Integrately

Integrately is a chrome extension which enables client-side integration of snippets from 100+ products. You can setup integrations to try out the apps before installing on your website.

Easy Installation

You can setup an integration with Integrately browser extension in less than a minute. That's how easy it is.

Support for 100+ Apps

Using Integrately, you can setup integrations for live chat widgets, survey widgets, email automation tools, analytics tools etc

Fast Customer Support

Any issues while using Integrately, just drop us an email on our customer support and we will be there for you.

Use Cases

Learn how Integrately can help different personas with different use cases. A simple easy solution that helps you all.

Do you provide HTML/JS snippet
as part of product installation ?

Use Integrately to power your product's demo

Use Integrately to integrate your product on your prospective customer's webpage and show how amazing your product is. When they see it live, they feel it live.

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Imagine you can try out apps
without installing their code

Try out hundreds of products without going to your development team

Do you often think how to test a third party app like LiveChat widget, Survey widget, Google Analytics tag etc without deploying/modifying your actual website. Use Integrately to do client side integration of the apps.

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Do you like to experiment with
different apps in your website ?

Try out multiple apps simultaneously based on different page URL conditions

Use Integrately to try out different apps on different page url conditions and choose the one which fits your use case. Your development team will love you when they do not have to make changes to try out the apps.

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Imagine you can integrate
your product anywhere on web

Impress your clients with demo on their websites.

Using Integrately you can setup an integration of your product with your prospective client and close the deal much earlier than expected. Your customer can also try out your product without actual installation. It's win-win for both.

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Example - Integration of Google Analytics

Check how easy it is to setup integrations using Integrately. This example demonstrates integration of Google Analytics on using Integrately extension

Feedback from Customers

Checkout how our customers use Integrately and what do they have to say about it!

Got Impressed by our features?

Do you think you need a better explanation to understand Integrately and how we can help you. Just block some time on the calendar and we will discuss about your use cases and how Integrately can help.